Evaporative Cooling Pads

Our Evaporative Cooling pads are high quality pads constructed from cellulose paper sheets that have been glued and impregnated with a unique formulation that allows the pads to have a high structural integrity as well as high evaporation efficiency performance when exposed to water.
The unique design allows for a low pressure drop across the pad whilst achieving a high cooling efficiency. The pad is designed to be self-cleaning and will retain its rigid structure when exposed to water making it extremely durable. Our pads are able to achieve exceptional wetting abilities to allow for optimal cooling effect in the most economic and environmentally friendly way.

Evaporative Cooling is a 100% natural cooling process achieved from evaporation of water into air. Water is allowed to flow down the pads whilst dry outside air is pulled across the pads producing air that is cool and fresh. The unique flute design of the pads allow a very high surface area of the water come into contact with an equally high surface area of the air allowing for a very high evaporation rate. This evaporation efficiency is as high as 90% with 100m thick pads which allows for large drop in dry bulb temperature as the energy required to evaporate the water into the air is taken from the air. The drier the outside air the better the cooling effect achieved whilst the higher the humidity of the outside air the lower the resultant cooling effect.

Model & Parameters

Type 7090 5090
Max Height [H] 1500, 1800, 2000 mm As per requirement
Thickness [W] 900, 600 mm As per requirement
Depth [D] 100, 150, 200, 300 mm 50-150 mm
Flute Height [h] 7mm 5mm
Bisector Angle [a] 90 90
Flute Orientation [b] 45o 45o
Cooling Efficiency 75mm = +80%
100mm = +90%
75mm = +80%
100mm = +90%